My Capricorn Man Disappeared

Has your Capricorn man disappeared or pulled away? So where did he go? This is a very, very broad topic. There are many variables to consider but I’ll try to compress what’s relevant here and branch off (to future posts) when needed as this is a very popular query on this site. Relationships with Capricorn men that is..not disappearing Capricorn man. 😉

Has Your Capricorn Man Disappeared on You?

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Why Does He Do That?

So, why does a Capricorn man disappear in the first place? One of the questions that might run through your mind is, “how do I get him to stop doing it or how to get him to come back?” For me, this is sort of asking, how do I control this, which is impossible.

If you know you haven’t done anything to upset him or turn him off then the answer is to let him be.

It’s really nothing to be alarmed about, he’s just processing. Like a little computer, his brain needs time to reboot. He needs the time to himself so let him have it and he’ll come back to you renewed, fresh and ready for sharing his time and energy.


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How Long Is A Disappearance to You?

It’s important to define what “disappearance” means to you. For a Capricorn, a few days (2-3) without contact is not really a disappearance. Capricorns need a lot of alone time. This is especially true after a day of heavy of contact. Also, keep in mind that there are introverted Caps and extroverted Caps. Which one is yours?

The introverts will definitely need a lot more time as they will most likely need to recharge for longer periods after being social. Being social is a lot of work!

Is Your Capricorn an Introvert or Extrovert?

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Don’t know if he’s intro/extro? Ask him! He’ll probably love that you are taking the time to get to know him and it’ll give you a head start on getting to know him better. This information will also be incredibly helpful to you when he’s pulled away for a bit.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B01BOFX9YI’] Remember that Caps usually don’t like to have excessive communication with people. A Cap man will be the silent, broody type and will enjoy keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself.

2-3 Days is Not A Lot for a Capricorn

As an additional side note: 2-3 days is for an established relationship. If he’s barely getting to know you (you’ve only been on a few dates/outings) then expect a little more time.. say around the week mark but less is definitely a good benchmark. The beginning is the “getting to know you” phase and Caps can be slow starters and take some time to warm up (but that’s for another article).

How Long Has Your Capricorn Man Disappeared?

How Long Has It Been Since Your Cappy Initiated Contact?

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If he really, really likes you, it’ll be at least once a week and he’ll make an effort to reach out. As the relationship progresses/deepens and he gets more and more comfortable being his true and real self, there will be a natural pull away and some distance.

So.. what should you do after he disappears? Coming soon.. subscribe below to keep up!

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