Blogging for Income Report- Earnings, Goals, Frustrations & More

Blogging for income report! Here's a breakdown on the income, goals and frustrations on this blogging journey. Follow along!

If you’re interested in making extra income online or even off, then this blogging for income post is here to give you some insight, advice or just a peek into what’s possible when trying to make income from a blog. This is also a spot where I want to be honest about my own personal blogging journey.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through a link and make a purchase, this site will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support. 🙂

As of May 2019, I’ve been a very part time blogger for well over twelve years. Wow. That’s basically twelve years of blogging in my spare time, sometimes infrequently, okay very infrequently.

Have you ever read those blogs on how they make $10,000 or more per month after only six months or one year of blogging consistently (Wow!)? I have too! I definitely dreamed of being one of those people, long ago.

Is Blogging for Income a Pipe Dream?

Lately, I’ve wondered what the heck I’ve been doing wrong all these years. Are my expectations ridiculous? Is it just a crazy, pipe dream? Will I ever be able to quit my job to do this full time?

Maybe it’s because I’m not consistent? Maybe it’s just me and I’m not really good at this? Very possible. And, it HAS been years. This blog is well over 8 years old, but, as you can tell it’s not as focused as could be. I’m currently working on this and narrowing the topics I cover. But that is definitely hard because I have varied interests (as we all do).

Occasionally, I go off-topic.

In this blogging for income report, I'll share the growth of the earnings, frustrations and wins for this blog. Join me!

So, that could be one of the reasons for the lack of financial success on this one. I’ve also had other blogs where the topics were fairly narrow, but nothing ever took off, or I quit because I didn’t see the results I wanted.

I’ve only recently tried to tighten the niche up with this one (home improvement). Anyway, this blog income report is something that’s important to me personally, plus I’m a bit moody today (haha-Capricorn), so I decided to just do it!

Below, I’ll report on the income from this home improvement blog. Maybe it will help you decide on how you’d like to move forward on your blogging for income career OR if you’re blogging too, maybe it’ll make you feel better about your own journey? Everyone’s results are so different!

Blog Income Goal for 2019

Goal: Earn $500 a month from my blog by November 2019. Is it even possible?    

Plan: I’ve joined Tailwind to start pinning more of my content to Pinterest to help increase my traffic. I’ve noticed I’ve had more visitors from the site since pinning more often. With the Tailwind scheduler, it’s made pinning a little easier to manage every day. If you already pin, then you may want to add Tailwind to make your scheduling much easier!

April 2019 Blog Income

Monthly Traffic: Roughly 2147 (so little!)

Adsense: $0

I had adsense up in the past, however, the plugin I was using for it broke this site, so I removed it. I’ve finally re-added it, so we’ll see how this goes next month. The traffic on this site has always been very low. As traffic grows (here’s hoping!) I expect the income will increase as well.

Kindle Ebook Royalty: $16.68

I wrote my Capricorn man ebook years ago because I was inspired and as a Capricorn myself, I felt like I had some extra insight into the topic. It did take work to initially write it, but I’m glad I did because I do get occasional royalties every once in a while. I’m also proud of finishing something for once in my life!

Amazon Affiliate Program Earnings: $46.08

The Amazon affiliate program is so far the biggest income contributor to this site. If you’re not sure how it works, what happens is I’ll write a topic and then offer options via my affiliate links for someone to purchase. If they click through and buy something, I’ll get a very small commission. Most of the items I’ve recommended are all things I enjoy myself, plus there are no extra costs to users!

Monthly Total: $62.76 

As you can see, I’m very far off from that dream $10,000 a month blogging income! 🙂 But hoping I can meet my future goal of $500 a month from blogging. Stay tuned!  

What are your blog income goals or questions? Please share them below!

In this blogging for income report, I'll share the growth of the earnings, frustrations and wins for this blog. Join me!

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