Easy Indoor Gardening Beginner’s Guide- Follow Along

If you want to start an indoor garden then here's how you can do it very easily, you don't even need a window! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #gardeninside #containergardeningindoors

Indoor gardening is something that anyone can do. It’s especially useful if you are an apartment dweller, or someone that doesn’t have the outdoor space for a little garden of your own (raising hand!).

If you have a green thumb, or even if you don’t and just love watching things grow as well, then gardening inside your house can provide so much pleasure and stress relief as well as a wonderful, easy hobby!

If you want to start an indoor garden then here's how you can do it very easily, you don't even need a window! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #gardeninside #containergardeningindoors

I’ve always loved to garden and I think it comes from my grandmother. She had a fairly large garden, but not a whole lot of money. She made use of the things she had around the house, such as using recycled materials for pots like old coffee cans, milk jugs, plastic containers, etc.

Today, I’m sharing how I created an indoor gardening area and how you can too very easily! Follow along to get started on your gardening indoor adventure.

Materials I used for Indoor Gardening:

Here are some of the things you’ll need to get started fast. Most you may already have handy around your house.

What If I Don’t Have A Window for Gardening?

If you don’t have a window then no problem! 

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your own indoor garden.  You can purchase an LED Indoor Grow Light and set up a corner in your home for your indoor garden!

I wanted to give my plants more light by investing in a plant light to help them along. This plant light is a handy tool for inside gardening.

This one above I purchased via Amazon. It’s incredibly helpful for indoor gardening and provides the most natural, yellow light. There are some lights with a neon or purple/blue color that I didn’t really care for. :S This one is ideal for me with it’s sun-like hue. It’s full spectrum and is a great way to provide your plants with artificial sunlight. This is super helpful when you don’t have access to a natural light source.

Indoor Garden Cuttings

 Propagating mint in a glass water bottle. This took off so fast and it's so pretty to look at and watch grow!
My mint growing like crazy!

I started my indoor garden by taking some cuttings! This is a very cheap way to get started if your budget is minimal. A relative brought a bunch of mint over one day for mint water. I pulled a stem out, placed it in water in the glass bottle, hoping and wondering if it would grow roots. Days later it took off! I’ll need to transplant this one below pretty soon. The roots pictured are after about 4 weeks in water.

For pots, I’ve used old sour cream containers, used glass water bottles (below) as well as painted tin cans for planting! So, if you have any of these things lying around then use them!

My mint cutting that has sprouted roots! This is ready for its own pot.  #gardeninside #containergardeningindoors
Ready to transplant into a pot.

I love succulents and have started one variety from seeds using a heating mat. In order to help some of my succulent seedlings, I also made a mini greenhouse (below) from re-purposed items.

I painted a tin can with some leftover paint from one of my fabric furniture painting projects. Afterward, I slipped a plastic, sour cream container inside and poked some holes in for drainage. Then, I slipped a glass jar over it! You can’t see them now, but I have about 5 seedlings growing inside. 🙂

If you want to start a garden inside your home, then here's how you can do it very easily, you don't even need a window! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #gardeninside #containergardeningindoors
My mini green house with seedlings

I used this window sill to place all my my little planters and bottles full of fresh cuttings. I can’t wait until I can harvest some of the mint to add to some iced tea with lemon. Yum.

Pin for Later!

If you want to start an indoor garden then here's how you can do it very easily, you don't even need a window! #indoorgardening #indoorgarden #gardeninside #containergardeningindoors
I’m not sure what this one is called, but it looks very sci-fi-ish and I’m really enjoying it.

Are you going to start your indoor garden? Share your comments below on yours or any questions you may have!

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