Attracting Your Desires


Tying in with my Law of Attraction Post, I’m going to try an attraction experiment on myself. Join in with me and report your results!

I’m documenting it here to ensure that I stick with it. I also really hope that I can help others (YOU!) to try and attract what they deeply desire.

Follow along with me and then post your own results below!

How to Attract Your Desires

My one question is what do I most desire? Is it a beautiful home, more money/wealth, a better job, happiness? Happiness is pretty generic to me. I think the key might be to get specific. What I really desire is a higher income, (i.e.-significant wealth).

You can do this too, by creating your own vision board or something to help inspire you! See my Living Rich Post, for more inspiration.

I am Rich

I may not be wealthy NOW, but I can certainly start tricking my mind to feel wealthy by being positive about my current circumstances. For one, I live in a beautiful city, I have a lovely apartment, wonderful boyfriend, a stable job, clean drinking water, etc. You get it.

Law of Attraction Inspiration

I once met a woman whose positive spirit was incredibly infectious. After questioning her, she said she believed in the law of attraction and that it had worked wonders in her life already. While she had only been putting it to practice for just a few months, she noted that it had made such a positive impact on her life. After hearing this, I was definitely intrigued and wanted to learn more.

One tip that she shared that I think could have been key was reciting affirming phrases in the mirror out loud daily.

Yet another detail that’s important to remember is that she did say **at first**, she did NOT believe anything she was even saying! Needless to say, I was very relieved to hear this and figured, “Okay, I can work with this.” Eventually though, she said something started to kick in and several months later, she started to notice wonderful things happening in her life.

It’s important to be consistent here, so let’s do it!

So, that’s the plan so far. I will update this page with my progress so please check back and **check in** with your own progress! How are you attracting your desires? I’d love to know how it’s working in your own life.

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2 thoughts on “Attracting Your Desires

  1. I’m gonna add my story here. This is pretty small but i was excited when it happened because id been thinking about it alot!!!!

    I wanted a window planter for awhile and kept thinking about getting one and what i’d plant in it. Kept thiking about how nice my flowers would look in it. I kept thinking “i;m gonna get one soon.”

    Don’t know why but one day as I was driving to visit a friend I saw one smack in the middle of the road!! I was too lazy to turn around after I saw it but after that I was more than SURE I had manifested it!! I kinda regret not picking the thing up but I’m amazed that I actually had one right in front me that I could have had!!! This is pretty fun and Im now trying to manifest something a little bigger.

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