Apartment Bathroom Makeover

My apartment bathroom makeover begins! I went crazy at Home Depot.

I walked in for a simple switch-plate and came out with a new drill, bathroom fixtures and screwdrivers. Oops.

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Why Makeover an Apartment Bathroom?

I’ve really been dying to re-do my apartment bathroom or just find some way to make it look better than it does now.

It’s tough because I know I won’t live here forever but I certainly want to make the space look prettier and more inviting for myself and others that visit.

My Basic Bathroom

As of now, it’s just so basic and plain.

It certainly does the job, it’s just not my ideal, dream bathroom.

So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and try as best as I can to make my bathroom look more luxurious.

Apartment Bathroom Makeover to Do List

Here are some of the things I’ll update.

  • Add a new switch-plate in matching metallic color
  • Add a new towel rack
  • Add a hand towel holder
  • Add a robe hook to the door
  • Add a toilet paper holder

These are the new fixtures I’m going to install.   

apartment bathroom makeover fixtures

 Stay tuned for the results.

Update! See the switch plate upgrade and how it held up over the years. :S

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