A Touch of Silver | Inexpensive Bathroom Updates


One of the easiest ways to update a bathroom inexpensively is to change out some fixtures!


I’ve been slowly working on my apartment bathroom makeover. I haven’t forgotten!

Inexpensive Bathroom Updates

One thing I wanted to change was the switch-plate. I love how the silver or metallic ones look. So I decided to fix my own switch-plate since I had the extra spray paint. Why not?



First, I removed the old one.


Got all the supplies ready. I decided to have some fun and spray paint my own. You can also find some pretty metallic switch-plates rather cheaply as well.


I spray painted several coats and allowed 24 hours to dry. I’d recommend about 2 days. For some reason the next day it still wasn’t completely dry. My finger lightly smudged the paint and I had to do it again. Don’t forget to spray the screws as well.



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