A Faux Marble Top Dresser Project-From Old to New Again

Faux Marble Top Dresser
This faux marble top dresser is one of my favorite projects so far.

If you’re into recycling furniture, then it’s a simple way to give an old desk, drawer top or even a bathroom vanity (the uses are endless) new life!

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The best part of faux marbling is that you can turn your worn out, ugly piece of furniture into something new and make it pop. This is the faux marble vinyl I used for this project.

I found this old dresser (free!) awhile back, and it was initially black or brown, so I painted over it to brighten it up and then I used a vinyl marble for the top. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the way that one looked. As you can see from the photos below, it was just way too shiny and it was a little distracting. Plus, it showed a lot of the imperfections on the dresser top. So, I decided to re-do it. Below are the steps. There’s also a video below.


Too much shine on this first faux marble top. You can really see the difference in the vinyl covers below.

Prep the Surface

Start with a clean surface. This is an incredibly important step, so don’t skip this because if you do and there are specks of dust/dirt on your surface it will show up underneath your vinyl! That’s not what you want, so give it a good cleaning.

I used a damp cloth, and cleaned the top thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Afterward, let it dry off.

As you can see from the photos, this faux marble I picked was way too shiny and it’s always really bugged me because it’s right by my bed and I use it so often. Anyway, if the shine is an issue for you (as it was for me) then when you’re shopping for yours do pick a faux marble covering that is matte/non glossy.

Give Yourself Plenty of Room When Cutting

After cleaning it, I took the vinyl and did a rough measurement.


Important: Cut more than you need in case you make any mistakes! I gave myself at least 2 inches all around the top to allow for any errors.

I’ve seen projects like this done in a few different ways. On this one, since it’s small, I simply cut a large piece and cut the four corners. This was easier for me because I didn’t really want long seams. It’s harder to cut and get the pieces as precise as required for me.

So, I cut a larger piece and positioned it on my dresser top. This took several tries!

How to Prevent Less Air Bubbles

Tip: Keep your liner on as long as possible, that way you can lay the piece in smaller sections. This will prevent air bubbles from getting caught underneath your faux marble.

This is one step I didn’t take, and it made positioning the vinyl a little more tedious. If you’re working alone then start at one corner and slowly work your way out. This way, you can smooth out the vinyl as you go.

Tip: Use a credit card or in my example, an unused phone case. 🙂
You can also use a smoothing tool like this one if you happen to have one around.


Cutting the Corners

Once I had my dresser top as I liked it (free of air bubbles), I worked on smoothing the edges one side at a time.
The corners were slightly tricky for me. I cut one side down the edge.

After I finished my first edge, I just repeated the process on the other corners and sides!


It’s going to be covered up by the other edge so if it doesn’t look completely straight, it’s fine. I smoothed it out and then worked on the outer piece. This outer edge needs to be as straight as possible. The straight and cleaner the cut the more seamless your edge will look.


The Finished Faux Marble Vinyl Top!

This project is very rewarding but it took some work to position the vinyl just where I wanted it. But, I couldn’t be happier with it. What do you think? Are you working on something like this too? Please share your thoughts below!



Now all I need to do is paint the bottom again! You may also like: How to make your own mercury glass!

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