8 Simple Pleasures

8 Simple Pleasures

What are some of your simple pleasures? What are some of the things that you enjoy doing that make you happy?

In light of my recent Getting Out of Debt post, I’ve compiled a few simple pleasures that I love to do. The best part is that they cost absolutely nothing (or very little)!

* Freshly picked Dwarf Miscanthus

* Make something – I love diy projects and crafting

* Read a good book

* Random sidewalk phrases

romantic sidewalk satyings

* Sipping Morning Coffee

* Go on a nature walk! I live in the city so sometimes I just go for random walks down my neighborhood or an occasional hike.
I spotted this teeny pinecone and couldn’t resist it.


* Beautiful views of Los Angeles (this was taken by Hollywood Park). This is the Hollywood Lake Reservoir. If you’re in the area this is a romantic date idea for an evening stroll and also free!


*My boyfriend leaving me some snacks where he knows I’ll find them

Funny snack spots

What are some of your simple pleasures that you enjoy? Share them below!

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