7 Relationship Warning Signs to Eliminate Men That Are Not Serious About You

7-relationship-warning-signsWhat are some Relationship Warning Signs?

“He’s just not that into you,” is something that no one likes hearing even if it might be the truth.

Sometimes it’s really that simple. It’s hard to be objective because by a certain point you’ve gotten all attached to the guy.

Believe me, I know because I’ve been there.

Even if we think it isn’t, putting him in the “he’s not interested box” is so much easier than trying to figure out what his deal is by psychoanalyzing the things he does.

When you realize he’s not serious enough to pursue a relationship with, you can easily free yourself and move on to a good man who really IS interested.

Below are 7 relationship warning signs and are easy to spot at the beginning of your relationship.. err.. courtship. If you see any of these in your guy then it’s time to drop him like a hot potato. Save yourself the time and pass over this guy when he tries any of these things.

7 Relationship Warning Signs

He Only Calls You Late at Night for Dirty Talk

If the majority of his phone calls are at an indecent hour and consist of nothing more than sexting, phone sex, dirty talk then this is a bad sign. Does he ask you any questions about you, your hobbies, friends, family, what you like? If he’s not asking you about you then pass on him. He’s wasting your time and only interested in one thing, sex.

He Hasn’t Asked You Out on a Real Date

All your interactions consist of “hanging out at home” and watching a movie at his or your place. He’s not invested enough to take you anywhere or he’s “hiding” you for some reason. Why is he hiding?

In addition, I think there’s a lot of pleasure derived in planning a date and really pleasing a partner. If he can’t even take you anywhere, besides his house or yours, then pass on him. He’s basically telling you how things are going to be in the future and is putting very little effort there.

He Asks for Nude/Indecent Pictures of You

Ever been asked for these? I have!  I should have known he wasn’t  *really* serious after he (let’s call him “Phil”) boldly suggested it. At first, I made excuses for Phil, “Oh it’s harmless,” or “He’s really a nice guy.” Of course, (here is the good part) he waited about a month or so before asking. Looking back, I’m sure it was to establish some sort of trust and rapport which was smart. Now, I want to laugh  at the whole experience because there were LOTS of red flags there that I ignored. Things fell apart shortly thereafter when he realized it wasn’t gonna happen.

Your guy needs to be on his best behavior and this is not good behavior. He’s not serious whenever he suggests it.

Also, keep in mind that pictures can get out. If you’re okay with your family, nieces and nephews, grandma, employer, etc. seeing those pics then proceed. Otherwise, do not send the naughty selfies.

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He Doesn’t Respond to Your Calls/Texts & Doesn’t Plan Anything

Back off and let him take some initiative. What’s that you say? He DOES respond but you have to prompt him to answer you over and over again? I still say pass on him. He’s being lazy and passive and it’s a bad sign that he’s going to drop out eventually.  Why waste your time on this guy?

Dating should be a natural dance between two people. If you find yourself arranging all the dates and offering to plan them and doing much more than your share then it’s time to stop.

He’s not taking it seriously.    You might also want to check out, What to Do When a Man Pulls Away for more top tips.

He Tells You He’s Not Ready Nor Interested in a Relationship

When he tells you something like this, listen to him. It’s a warning or a challenge. Either way you take it, he’s telling you it’s going to be difficult to be involved with him. Get ready for a trip down a confusing rabbit hole with this one. If he’s not serious, he’ll put this out as a disclaimer and then proceed “romancing” you. Don’t get involved with him if he says this to you. What’s next, friends with benefits? It’s an easy lead into that if he’s feeding you these lines. The entire “Friends with Benefits” idea is a whole other article. 7-relationship-warning-signs

He Says He’s “Confused”

Or, he “needs time to think” about it. For me, this just reads, “I’m not interested enough.” Either he likes you or he doesn’t like you. There’s really nothing to be confused about and I think it’s just a cop out. Any “time” that he says needs to think is just so he can do a gradual fade out or pull away.

He Is All Talk and No Action

This is a huge one. Words are so easy to get out there. Note: I’m giving away 1 million dollars to the first 5 people that share this on Twitter! See what I did there? P.S.- I don’t really have that kind of money to give away, but you get me, right?

Actions are ten times harder to follow through with which is why you should pay attention to what he does. Watch what he does always. Do you think it aligns with what he says?

Have you ever had one of those, “I should have known moments?” Have anything else to add to this list? Type yours up below and share the wealth!

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