4 Simple Ways for Organizing Small Spaces

4 Ways for Organizing Small Spaces

Here are 4 Simple Ways for Organizing Small Spaces.

If you live in a tiny space or know someone that does (raises hand!). Then you know how tough it is to maneuver around your tiny space without knocking something over.

Below are some easy ways that I’ve used for organizing a small space. Hooks are basically my new loves! This is how you can incorporate them and shelves to make your place a bit fancier. 🙂

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Make Use of Your Vertical Space with Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are little saviors and can truly help organize and transform your wall space into something pretty awesome.

I recently visited my mother’s place and did a small bathroom makeover, to help her feel more comfortable and cozy in her new place.

Anyway, the place is so tiny. It made me realize how much I took my own space for granted.

So, if you have everything on the floor, then look to your walls to raise the eye line and remove things from the ground.

I’ve read that the more things you have on the floor, the smaller the room feels.

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When organizing small spaces, turn your favorite accessories into wall art!

Put hooks in rows of three to make an eye catching display to show off your scarves, bags, jewelry or anything you’re not using at the moment. If you live in an apartment and don’t want to poke holes in the walls then use the removable type of wall hooks!

4 Easy Ways to Organize Small Spaces

Here I used the removable brushed nickel wall hooks .

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Bunch your Small Things into Jars

Do you have makeup sponges, cotton balls, ugly toothbrushes just laying there? Bunch them up and put them on display in glass jars of different sizes to create interest. This is an easy way to just make the space seem less crowded, more organized and all your essentials are well within reach.

Organizing Small Spaces

Instant Organizing for Small Spaces | Use S Hooks!

I love these handy S Hooks . You can get them at your local hardware store or online. Attach them to spots like a dresser drawer with pulls or to a wall hook in your wall for immediate wall decor!

organizing small spaces

You can also use them to hang your clutches or bags that don’t have obvious handles. Just loop the hook through the zipper hole!

Using S Hooks for Purses-Organizing Small Spaces

Use Shelves for Organizing for Small Spaces

Shelves, shelves and more shelves. These are your friends to lift things off the floor and create more space and just make your nooks more organized.

Shelves are your friends! Organizing Small spaces

Get some wall brackets and create space saving focal points in your home.

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