How I Stopped Living Like a Vampire and Came into the Light

For years I lived in darkness, away from the sun in my tiny apartment. I’d…

Find stunning front doors and front door ideas to help inspire you to create an inviting and unforgettable doorway!

Amazing Front Door Ideas to Inspire

Get inspired by some of these amazingly beautiful front door ideas and entryways and let…

Removing bathroom caulk- This isn't the most exciting job, but it definitely must be done if you've got old, cracked caulk. Follow along to remove yours easily and get ready to renovate!

The Best Way to Remove Old Caulk in Bathroom & Kitchens

While not the most exciting home improvement job, this is a must if you are working on tiling and edges in your kitchen and bath. Follow along to make this project a breeze!

This is by far, one of the simplest things you can do to give your apartment (or any space) more polish! It makes a big difference in smaller rooms like the bathroom. Click to see more.

Easiest Apartment Upgrade That You Can Do Now

This easy apartment upgrade is so incredibly simple, you’ll wonder why I’m even mentioning it.…

White faux look a like peel and stick tile! This is one gorgeous peel and stick variety that I'm leaning toward for my bathroom makeover.

White Peel and Stick Tile- 5 Favorite Finds

My Favorite Peel and Stick Tile So Far   Santorini Tile I’ve been searching for…

4 Ways for Organizing Small Spaces

4 Simple Ways for Organizing Small Spaces

Here are 4 Simple Ways for Organizing Small Spaces. If you live in a tiny…

Small Bathroom Makeover Project of a Scary Bathroom

Here is my small bathroom makeover project. I recently visited my mom. She lives in…


A Faux Marble Top Dresser Project-From Old to New Again

This faux marble top dresser is one of my favorite projects so far. If you’re…


Portable Washer for Apartments-My Panda Experience

I really love this washing machine. It’s a portable washer for apartments or wherever the…


Enjoying Urban Walks

This is a simple pleasure of mine, what is one of yours? One of the…


How to Make Deliciously Strong Coffee

If you want to learn how to make some strong and yummy coffee, then this…

Update a Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity

If you want to update your mobile home vanity then this post will show you…


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