Update a Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity

If you want to update your mobile home vanity then this post will show you how. My mom’s mobile home bathroom is undergoing some major remodeling. You can follow along here at the beginning. If you want just a simple and easy vanity update then here’s the spot on how I transformed the regular bathroom vanity into something a little nicer. 🙂

Update: 1/8/18
Unfortunately, we lost this home in a fire. So, there will be no further updates. 🙁 Thank you for the views and support.

First the before pictures!

I saw this green formica and just wanted to freshen it up and make it look more modern. To me, it was outdated and I was looking for something a little more sleek. At this stage, changing out the entire vanity wasn’t something I considered. I just wanted a simple cover, and that was it… at first. 😀



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Updating a Mobile Home Vanity Top

The funny thing about these sinks is that they are SO easy to remove. I spent a lot of time trying to cut a perfect piece to go around the sink with zero luck. That’s definitely a trickier area.

It’s doable if you do it in pieces but I looked beneath the vanity and realized I could remove it simply so I did. The entire sink was disconnected and set to the side for later.


Afterward, I prepped the surface by giving it a very thorough scrubbing. This step is incredibly important. If you miss something and there’s a speck of dust then it shows up underneath your vinyl, so be absolutely sure it’s pristine and free of dirt/dust.

Next, I measured the vanity and then transferred those measurements to my vinyl.


The one I chose has a white marble look. I got it here on Amazon. I really love it and thought it was perfect for giving the bathroom vanity a fresh and clean look!


Start at the very edge and then work your way out. It’s important to do that as opposed to laying it all down at once because it does take a few tries to position it correctly as well as get any air bubbles out.


Then I cut the center hole with slits and used that as a guide to work my way in.



If you intend to keep your regular sink then, add it back on and reconnect everything. Be sure you check for leaks.

After I replaced the sink, I realized it needed more. This plastic sink just didn’t cut it for me. I also figured since I removed it once then I could do it again, might as well go all the way!


Plus, I really wanted it to shine and pop. So I opted for this new porcelain sink with a new faucet in polished nickel.

mobile-home-bathroom vanity sink replacement

Mobile Home Bathroom vanity update


I made a little backsplash with the extra vinyl and then attached it with construction adhesive. Add clear silicone to all your edges to seal everything and to ensure water won’t get underneath.

I also painted the bottom in an oil based gray paint. Oil is hard to clean off brushes but I love the way it feels after. The surface is smooth and silkier. It just feels nicer.

mobile home bathroom vanity




mobile home bathroom vanity before and after

Which mobile home vanity is your favorite? 😀

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