Portable Washer for Apartments-My Panda Experience


I really love this washing machine. It’s a portable washer for apartments or wherever the space is kind of limited. I wasn’t sure whether to add this to my blog or not, but decided.. why not! If you are an apartment dweller or just don’t have a washer/dryer in your home then this may be a great solution.

So far the experience with this little machine has been fantastic. I’m really glad I made the purchase and now can’t really imagine my life without it and how I functioned. Haha. 😛

See my video below for the demo and my thoughts on it.

The Washing Process Before My Panda

Before I had the Panda, I would have to lug everything downstairs to my shared laundry room. We only have 2 washers and 2 dryers, so it was normally a big deal when I had to wash. First, I’d get my quarters ready. There’s something about asking for quarters at the grocery store that always makes me feel like I’m a kid and living in dorms. “Can I have a roll of quarters?” Sometimes they don’t have quarters, and then it’s just another obstacle to go over.

Anyway, once I had that I would run downstairs to make sure the washers were empty. Then, once the washers were clear, I’d grab my very heavy tub of laundry and take it down the flight of stairs again. Yes, goal almost achieved!
A couple of times there was already someone there that quickly beat me to the machine! Damn. Then, back I’d go to my apartment with my heavy bin of laundry and wait again. You get the picture. It’s a real pain. I hadn’t even started the laundry.

After the Panda

Now after the Panda, I just walk the few steps to my bathroom (where I have it permanently residing) and drop my clothes in. Just like that. No more ladies staring at me while I pull my clothes out, because they too are waiting for the laundry machine.

I really do love it because it’s so convenient and makes life easier for me.

You can use regular laundry detergent in the Panda, nothing special is required. You can use fabric softener as well to soften your clothes.

The downsides of the Panda are minimal to me, personally but I’ll go over them anyway.

Downsides of the Panda

The filter doesn’t really work. I pulled it out to look at it and then popped it back in but it came off and was floating in the water with my clothes. 🙁 I just threw it away, because it was basically just making noise (when it fell out) and wasn’t helping at all. See that empty place below? That’s where the filter used to go.

In place of the failing filter, I use the floating filters (shown in video) and they work great.

It is not a washer/dryer combo! In place of a dryer is a clothes spinner. This will wring out most of the water from your clothes so they are just semi damp. All you have to do is hang them up. Mine will usually dry by the next day, so it’s no big deal.

It’s not automatic. Because it’s not automatic, you do have to keep your eye on it. Buzzers won’t go off when your water is almost at the fill line. My way around this, is to just set a timer on my phone. It takes roughly 4 minutes for the water to fill up where I want it.

You also have to add water again to rinse your sudsy clothes and then drain it my switching drain.

Spinner The spinner will make a banging noise if you overload it or the clothes are not properly balanced. The fix is to turn it off and re-position them or remove some of your clothing articles to spin in another load.

Does it Leak? Every once in awhile, if I move it to clean underneath, I notice a bit of water below. It’s not enough to bother me and make me change my mind of how useful this machine is to me. The fix for this? I get a rag and wipe it up! 🙂 I haven’t done this in a long while though, no leaking lately.

Apart from all this, I would still buy the Panda all over again. In a heartbeat.


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